The Canada Summit for National Progress is a groundbreaking gathering of established leaders, emerging leaders, dreamers and doers who are committed to building a strong Canada for future generations.

If you are a business person, non-profit organization leader, elected official, community leader, community volunteer, student, senior or anyone with a heart for Canada and a desire to work for tangible change, then this event is for you.

The event is normally on location. Due to COVID-19, this year's event will be online.

The Format Includes:

  • Presentations by respected, national voices giving insight into some of Canada's greatest challenges and therefore, greatest opportunities.

  • Small group innovation sessions to generate solutions for our some of our nation's biggest challenges.

  • Inspiring fireside chats with national influencers.


Will take place June 13th and 27th online

The theme of this year's summit is: REBUILDING CANADA AFTER COVID-19

The 4 Focus Topics are:

1 - The Economy

2 - Domestic Strength

3 - Freedom Rights

4 - Healthcare Preparedness



A pilot project of the Canada Summit for National Progress took place in 2018. The Summit did not occur in 2019, due to the federal election. This year will be our next-level launch year. The Canada Summit for National Progress will be an annual event going forward.





The Canada Summit is committed to bringing together people from all walks of life to solve our nation's biggest challenges by innovating:


  • Policy Ideas

  • Inventions

  • Community Initiatives

The Goal: To build a better Canada for the future

The goal is also to host the event annually going forward. 

To help us keep the event affordable and to conduct it with the highest level of excellence possible, we are seeking business sponsorship.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Bronze / ($500-$1000)

  • * logo listed on our site as a sponsor

  • * noted in event e-mailers leading into the event

  • Silver / $1000+

  • * logo on the Canada Summit Report 

  • * Plus all items in Bronze level

  • Gold / $2500+

  • * receive special mention during the event

  • * Plus all items in Bronze and Silver levels

If you are interested in sponsorship for this year's online Canada Summit please e-mail info@canadasummit.ca.

Thank you for your consideration in helping to make the Canada Summit a successful and zero-debt event.

- The Canada Summit Event Team